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Signal 63 Foundation is currently pending 501(c)(3) domestic non-profit status.  Signal 63 Foundation’s mission is to educate, raise awareness, and support at the local, statewide, and national level the concerning number of First Responders and Combat Veterans who are dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  

Donate today to help offer services and programs to First Responders and Combat Veterans who are dealing with PTSD and job-related incidents.


Help for Heroes - Peer Support Group

Signal 63: Help for Heroes is a fellowship peer support group for active/former/retired First Responders (law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMTs) and combat Veterans to share their experiences, challenges and struggles, and testimonies of healing in overcoming the invisible wounds of war and the stresses of a public safety job. 


Because First Responders and Veterans understand each other in a way that civilians cannot, we are more willing to open up to each other to openly discuss the impacts of our jobs on our families, our friends, our co-workers, and on ourselves.


This is not a treatment program; there are no medical professionals or counselors involved on-site.  Instead, Signal 63 is a peer coaching and support program with the primary purpose of helping First Responders and Combat Veterans find healing, balance, and positive re-integration with their families and in society. 


First Responders and Veterans who are willing to face the challenges of managing post-traumatic stress and related conditions will meet regularly each month and be led by a fellow active duty law enforcement officer who has over 20 years of public safety experience.  We will also have designated meetings each month when family members are encouraged to attend.


This is a no paperwork group, you are not required to wear a nametag.  There is no fee to attend, and no membership to any organization is required.  You will never be required to speak or participate in any activity which makes you uncomfortable.  However, participants are required to have verifiable credentials or references in order to avoid “stolen valor”.  No record of your service, agency, rank, missions/posts, etc. will be documented whatsoever.


Meeting Location:

Lanier United Methodist Church

1979 Buford Highway

Cumming, Georgia 30041

Meeting Module #3 (in the back parking lot)


Meeting Days/Times:

Twice monthly – see the Events Section on our Facebook Group Page for dates and times each month.


Not in the local area?  No problem, contact us to join our Facebook Group Page!